The one-day Training Relaxed Birth is perfectly designed for everyone who wants to understand the basics for a relaxwd birth!

Benefits of the one-day training:

Short and effective

Learn the most important tips and techniques for a relaxed birth

Learn how the stay in control of your birthing process

Your partner will learn how to support you 

Learn breathing techniques that will help you throughout the different birthing stages

Learn about the different birthing stages

Learn about effective relaxation techniques that will help you to stay relaxed and in control

A fun day full of information, a nice lunch and all the time for you specific questions

‘The one-day training is a perfect combination of useful information, tips and practicing techniques! I feel very prepared and confident for the birth of our baby now!’

– Emily-


Sometimes a longer course just isn’t an option for you. Maybe it’s because you don’t have much time left until your due date. Sometimes because the days or times of a longer course don’t suit you. Sometimes because you just don’t feel like it…

I get it! Still, I would find it a shame if you decide to prepare less well for birth, what is going to happen and how you can stay relaxed and stay in control. Studies really show that mothers and fathers who prepare well for childbirth have a better childbirth experience!

Because preparations do have the effect that you know better what to expect, you can stay more powerful and more ‘in control‘ and make it a more beautiful, positive experience. So that you not only feel more self-confidence and relaxation during your birth, but also know how to support your partner. And don’t forget the baby, because the baby really benefits a lot if you as a mother don’t get stressed, panic, are afraid or look back on the birth negatively (after all, all those stress hormones end up directly with your baby and don’t forget the enormous ‘imprint’ that the baby also gets through the birth experience).