The advantages of HypnoBirthing®

Have confidence in what awaits you at birth

Approach birth positively

Relaxed pregnancy

Lots of information and practical tips

Natural ways of painrelief

Bonding with your baby; before, during and after birth

Your partner is allowed to participate actively and is given an important role

You will learn to take control of your birth

Powerful techniques for deep relaxation

A relaxed and calm baby

Applicable everywhere (at home and in hospital)

You will learn to relax, even in the busy life after birth

“We enjoyed following the Hypnobirthing course with Petra (Birth & Balance) a lot! For us, it was the perfect opportunity to prepare for the birth together. The information on the actual physical process of the birth was great for gaining an understanding. Besides, the breathing techniques and visualisations/ guided meditations form a great tool to create a sense of relaxation. I am following the Rainbow meditation each day, and I can imagine it will certainly help me once my labour starts. We’d really recommend following the hypnobirthing course with Petra, because she has the capacity to give information in an accessible way; there’s room for humour, interaction and any questions that come up. I really enjoyed her calm, but determined way of teaching. Especcially the focus on empowerment for your own birth experience was really helpful to us. The course made us excited for what is to come, and took away any fear that was (subconsciously) there.”
Sanne and Sean

Why is relaxation important?

Our image of how pregnancy and childbirth “should” go has been negatively colored over the centuries. Consider what you see in movies or on TV and what others tell you about giving birth. Being pregnant is very difficult with all the ailments that go with it and giving birth is a big thing, which is accompanied by a lot of pain and where a lot can go wrong. This greatly affects our thoughts about birth on a conscious and unconscious level. And even if you get “something beautiful in return,” no one looks forward to an experience where the prospect is painful and risky, right?

It is precisely this focus on pain and something difficult that makes us anxious. And fear creates tension. And what happens when muscles are tense??? Right: pain. In addition, various studies have now shown that anxiety complicates childbirth. The dilation process slows down, medical interventions are often necessary and emergency caesarean sections are more common. We have known for a long time that relaxation is very important during pregnancy and delivery, but yes… how do you do that?

That’s what you learn during a HypnoBirthing course. Learning to consciously relax through different techniques. A relaxed mind and body ensure a smooth, calm and safe (and sometimes even pain-free) delivery, with less need for medical intervention and less need for pain relief. Because it is precisely this deep relaxation that also releases the body’s own pain reliever, called endorphins.


Good preparation is everything

It has been found that good preparation for pregnancy and delivery is essential for confidence in your own body and the reduction of stress. That is why during the HypnoBirthing course a lot of information is given on all kinds of subjects; and I’m sure you’ll be amazed at all the new things you’ll hear! Because I really believe that the better you know what to expect, the more confidence you will have in yourself.


The role of the partner

Partners are sometimes put aside when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. They are also often not yet aware of the idea that they can bond with their baby even during pregnancy and can make an important contribution to the delivery. There is no one-off “partner evening” as is often the case with other pregnancy courses, but with the HypnoBirthing course, the partner is allowed to follow the entire course. Not every partner may feel like it at first, but because they learn exactly what their indispensable role is and that they can also fulfill an important task, they too quickly see the added value of HypnoBirthing.

The HypnoBirthing philosophy also works perfectly for partners who are looking for more involvement in pregnancy and delivery. This also makes the birth much more teamwork and strengthens your bond with each other and the baby!


The hypnobirthing course was like pure light to us.  The couple of weeks before starting the course I was going through difficult times due to an apendicitis operation and an unpleasant recovery. During and after this whole process I was feeling a bit hopeless and filled with fear. Fear of hospitals, pain, pregnancy and especially birth, cause I was feeling a bit incapable to have a natural birth and I had too many doubts about everything.
Happily, with the hypnobirthing course we learnt many useful things and managed to understand in detail how the body, it’s mechanisms and hormones work, which completely changed my perspective. Moreover, by understanding the importance of relaxation before and during birth and learning the techniques to achieve such relaxation, I felt not only empowered but also much more confident and excited about this path we are following and of the  upcoming birth of our baby. 
Petra was fantastic in every way. She is super knowledgeable and is great at transferring all this essential information in such a way so that we could not only understand it but also get the best out of it. 100% recommended! 🙂
Ana and Kos

As this is my first time having a child, I started the Hypnobirthing course mainly because I was scared about delivering a baby. I have to say that since the first lesson, Petra already made me feel safer. She made me understand how things work. By understanding the anatomy and (some) physiology of my own body, she explained in a very didactical way some exercises to stay calm, and (as consequence) feel less pain. One of the nicest things about her lessons is that we had it with other couples. This allowed us to share our feelings and experiences. She presented many videos and teached techniques for us to stay calm and focused on the birth. On top of that, she also gave some tips about having kids in The Netherlands. For me, as an expat, this was a very important plus!
Alice and Renan

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HypnoBirthing® exactly?

HypnoBirthing® is a positive and practical course in preparation for birth. We’ll work with a lot of information, relaxation techniques, visualization and breathing techniques. By deep relaxation, the pregnant body can function optimally and you’ll learn to cooperate with your body.

When's the best time to start the course?

The sooner you start in pregnancy, the longer you can practice until the birth. You and your baby therefore benefit longer from the pleasant moments of relaxation. It is recommended that you start between the 20th and 32nd week of your pregnancy, but there are always exceptions. If in doubt, contact me for the possibilities.

I've already done a HypnoBirthing® course once and I'm pregnant again now. Do I have to do a a whole new course?

No, you can just follow a refresher course, please contact me for the possibilities. But if you want, you can of course also do the entire course again, especially if there has been some time in between or you would like to experience your next pregnancy very consciously.

A gynecologist will help me during labour. Is there any point in doing this course?

Of course! Even then it is advisable to prepare as good as possible for your delivery, and that is possible with HypnoBirthing®. You and your birth partner learn to perform the techniques yourself, so that you can relax optimally under any circumstance and in any situation; even with a c-section!

Will the course be reimbursed by my insurance company?

Yes, most health insurance companies in the Netehrlands partially reimburse the preparation of pregnant parents for a natural birth. Contact your health care provider to inquire about reimbursement for an official and certified HypnoBirthing® course.

Is a HypnoBirthing® course not too spacey?

No, on the contrary. The HypnoBirthing® course is actually very practical and informative. We use relaxation exercises, visualisations and breathing techniques and information about how the body works; very concrete and down to earth.

Is my partner is obliged to come?

No, it is not. The course is designed for couples, and pregnant women are also welcome with a girlfriend, mother, sister, etc. to take over the tasks. Coming alone is certainly an option; feel free to talk to me about the most convenient solution for your situation.

My midwife or gynecologist is not familiar to HypnoBirthing®. Can I still use the method?

Of course! You and your birth partner have learned all the techniques and can apply them. By sharing the birth plan that you made during the course with your healthcare providers, they know what your wishes are during the delivery. And there is a good chance that you will amaze the caregivers and receive compliments for your calm and controlled delivery!

Is the HypnoBirthing® certified to give this course?

I am and think it is very important! As a certified teacher, but also as chairman of the HypnoBirthing® Association Netherlands & Belgium, I am committed to a high-quality course. Via and you can be sure that your teacher is affiliated with the Hypnobirthing® Institute and meets the annual requirements.